Guaranteed To Burn?

That's right. Guaranteed.

Anybody can sell firewood, but our mixed hardwood is guaranteed, so you won't get stuck with wood that you can't use this winter.

Our wood is available for self service pick-up and for delivery to the greater Milwaukee area. We can deliver any amount that you need: from as little as 1/4 face cord (about 50 pieces) to 3 1/2 full cords at one time. 

Please call our office at 414-301-9807 to schedule a delivery or confirm our pick-up hours.

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We can usually deliver your wood within 1-2 business days

Please call for firewood and delivery prices. As a thank you for visiting our site.

Best Wood Judge sells mixed hardwood for fireplace burning. Hard wood comes from trees with leaves rather than needles. Our mixture combines more dense woods like oak, for longer hotter burning, and less dense woods like birch, which start more easily and flame well. Our mixture gives you a good combination of wood so that your fire will start easily and burn longer.

We sell all oak (suggested only for people who heat with wood) for an additional charge.

We offer stacking for an additional charge.

We can split a delivery between you and your neighbor for a small fee.


Firewood Burning Tips and Tricks from Mr. Wood Judge

So, what is a "cord" anyway?

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